7- Up Bottling Company Plc goes on voluntarily delisting from the Daily Official List of The Exchange.

The 7-Up Bottling Company Plc is on “Full Suspension of Trading in Shares”. It was disclosed that the trading in the shares of 7- Up Bottling Company Plc has been placed on Full suspension on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“The Exchange”) with effect from the 12th of January 2018. The suspension is for the purpose of determining the shareholders who will qualify to receive the Scheme consideration following the decision of the company’s majority shareholder, Affelka S.A (“Affelka”), to acquire all outstanding and issued shares of 7-Up Bottling Company Plc that are not currently owned by Affelka. The company’s shareholders passed a resolution to this effect at the Court Ordered Meeting of the company held on Thursday, 11 January 2018. The Scheme will result in the voluntarily delisting of 7- Up Bottling Company Plc from the Daily Official List of The Exchange.

Amehnews recall that the Seven-Up bottling company Plc is one of the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of the well-known and widely consumed brands of soft drinks in Nigeria. Our brands are Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Teem and Mountain Dew, which produce and market in all our present 9 manufacturing plants. The company also markets their products through self over 200 distribution centres that we also call depots spread over the nooks and crane of Nigeria. They have workforce about a neighbourhood of 3500 employees.


The further history of company shown a Lebanese call Mohammed El-khalil came to Nigeria for the very first time in 1926 founded the company. The Said Mohammed is the father of the company’s current chairman Faysal El-Khalil. The company metamorphosed from a very successful transport business [El-Khalil Transport] in a bid to diversify the then largest transport company in the entire West of Africa. On October 1st 1960, the exact day that country Nigeria won her independents, Nigerians also experienced the birth of a soft drink giant as the first bottle of 7Up rolled out from our factory located in Ijora. Since then, our company continued to grow in the leap and the bound.

In the late 80s, we established two more plants in Ibadan and Ikeja. In the early 1990s when Pepsi International took over 7Up international, we again got great opportunities to introduce the Pepsi brand to the Nigeria people. The company currently has its Headquarters in Beirut and operational base in three African countries; Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana.

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