EFCC Boss, Magu: Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has told Nigerians to expect the prosecution of those who milked the nation’s treasury dry.

Ibrahim Magu

He said anyone found guilty will go to jail this year.

Magu, fondly called The General, said every stakeholder seemed to be more serious now about fighting corruption.

“From all indications, the judges are more serious, everybody is cooperating and this year, we will see more politically-exposed persons convicted. We will flush out corrupt people,” he said.

Magu, who spoke during a visit to The Nation Newspaper’s headquarters in Lagos yesterday, said he was mobilising support, opinions, ideas and strategies that were necessary to strengthen the anti-graft battle.

“We need more support; it is about Nigeria, not an individual, the fight is for everybody, from the media we have to go to the grassroots, we will take it to children in the schools; we have to tell the children that corruption is bad, tell them why there is no chair in the classroom.

“We will sensitise everybody on the evil of corruption. We need to let people know that corruption is bad because some people don’t seem to know,” Magu said.

“The impunity is too much. Sometimes I shed tears in the morning before I go to the office. It is just unbelievable; the rot is terrible. What I am saying is that people who know they have stolen our commonwealth should bring it back.

“People arrogate things to themselves. They have taken our money and are bold enough to say they are not going to return it. The money belongs to the people; they should return the money quietly; let there be voluntary compliance. Let them voluntarily come out to say ‘this is what I have stolen’ and the government will take it. I think that is the best thing to do,” the EFCC chief added.

Magu commented on the handcuffing of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson Olisa Metuh when he appeared in court, saying, there is nothing wrong in handcuffing an accused.

“It is not coming from us (Nigerian Prisons Service, NPS, brought Metuh to court), but there is nothing wrong with that actually. They have a right to use their discretion; you are not there, there must be reason. There are instances when you handcuff a suspect, but let them explain themselves”, he said. (EFCC Boss, Magu: )

Woman kills her lover: A video shot as the scene unfolded shows two men in a car on a snowy road as out of the dark a figure appears. Click the link below to watch the video:


As she gets closer to their vehicle she approaches the window and holds her bloody hands out in front of her.

The woman says to the two stunned men in the vehicle that she needs a place to stay for the night following a killing.

Killed Lover CEN

TERROR: The moment a woman approaches a car to say she’s killed her lover

blood CEN

BLOOD: The woman approached the car with blood covering her hands

They begin swearing and shouting and rev the engine of the car in a clear bid to get away from her as quickly as possible.

“Cowards. They should have gone to the apartment and helped the man”

Social media user Almatinetz

It later emerged the woman, 29, confessed to killing the 40-year-old man she was living with.

Police spokesman Bakhytzhan Kudiyarov said: “The woman confessed that she stabbed the man with whom she was living with a knife and then ran outside.”

The couple are said to have got into a “serious fight” before she killed him.

The case is now a murder enquiry and the woman risks a sentence of life imprisonment if found guilty.

The defendant’s lawyers are expected to try to get her charged with manslaughter – which carries a lesser penalty.

The incident triggered a fierce internet debate with many criticising the lack of action by the two men in the car she turned to for help.

Social media user Almatinetz said: “Cowards. They should have gone to the apartment and helped the man.



SCARED: The men stay in the car as the woman points to where she killed her lover

“At least they could have called an ambulance, and all they were saying all the time was ‘let’s go, let’s go’.”

Another added: “That is horrible. The two sit together and are afraid of one girl. It is a shame that now we are surrounded by men like that. I am completely bemused.”

The chilling incident happened in the city of Temirtau in north-central Kazakhstan.


A staff of Exxon Mobil, identified as Mr. James Ikenna Onuoha has allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl who is a niece to his tenant in the presence her 3-year old relative.

The alleged crime occurred at a one bedroom self-contained apartment in Ajah, Lagos.

THEWILL understands that the Chambers of Mr. Wale Babalakin has agreed to take up the case pro-bono on behalf of the alleged victim’s family, who are not so privileged in the society.

We were also told that the alleged rapist is using his influence to stall prosecution at the Ajah police unit where the matter was first reported.

Initial checks by THEWILL has revealed that a doctor at the Eti-Osa LGA Heath Centre, who performed tests on the victim (whose name we are withholding), did find evidence of forceful penetration, bruises and semen inside the her.

This is a developing story and THEWILL correspondents in Lagos are on top of it. Below is a piece emailed to us by The Women Against Violence Group, a group of women that are keen on seeing justice in this alleged crime.

“On Monday the 4th of Jan 2015, Mr. James Ikenna Onuoha who works With Exonn Mobil and who is also a landlord of a property around Ajah raped a 14 year old who happened to be the niece of his tenant.

Mr. Ikenna Onuoha decided to visit the homes of his tenants to discuss an on going outstanding rent debt, the tenants had advised him earlier that they wouldn’t be at home. Only the 14 year old niece and their 3 year old daughter would be home on that faithful day.

The accused knocked on their flat and was attended to by the 14 year old child who told the landlord her Uncle and Aunty were not at home. Mr. Ikenna Onuoha insisted on entering the home of his tenants, to wait for them. The naive 14-year-old girl who had only been in Lagos for 3weeks, opened the door and let Mr. Ikenna Onuoha in.

According to the victim he checked the visitor’s toilet and around the small one room flat to be sure that there was indeed no one else around.

He went inside the room, checked the wardrobe and the bathroom, not finding anything he then started talking to the 14 year old, asking her details of her name and age. Mr. Ikenna Onuoha, who is meant to be a responsible citizen performed a dastardly act and pushed the young girl her on the bed and while she tried to scream he covered her mouth and forcefully sexually assaulted her in presence of the 3 year old!

Then in a bid to console her, he left N1,000 on the bed and left. Other tenants unaware of the incident saw him arrive and leave.

The victims aunty came home and met the young 14-year-old girl hysterical and inconsolable. After asking her repeatedly as to what happened and the girl being unable to answer, to everyone’s amazement, it was the 3 year old daughter who recounted the story to the mom “Mummy landlord came, he push Aunty C on the bed and he do like this like this on top her” describing to her mum and innocently recreating the movements she saw.

This was obviously distressing to the woman who called her husband who rushed home and reported to the police station in Lamgbasa. The police asked for medical report, which they got the next morning. The doctor’s report did confirm she was “forcefully penetrated “; the doctor on his own accord flagged the human rights office.

However till date despite contact being made with Mr. Onuoha, police knowledge and his employer’s knowledge of the serious allegation this man has not been apprehended.

As of yesterday 10th January despite full knowledge that this matter has been reported he failed to report to the police station at 9am as he had promised instead he called he victim’s family (his tenants) repeatedly and tried to convince them to meet and settle the matter. His calls prior to this were threats to evict them.

We are concerned citizens saddened by the state of affairs, in which numerous bodies are aware of this serious matter and the suspect is yet to be apprehended.

We feel we have no choice but to release this information to the public in the hope that the case gets the necessary attention it deserves and that the perpetrator is brought to justice.

We hope this also deters other closet pedophiles from committing such a disgusting act against women and children.”



Nigeria losing N80bn daily to petroleum products smuggling

Chairman of the Nigeria Shipowners Association, NISA, Capt. Niyi Labinjo,  has said that the country is losing N80 billion daily to petroleum products smuggled into the country.
Labinjo explained that half the 1.8 million litres daily national need of Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, is smuggled into the country.

The NISA boss noted that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, said the daily PMS need of the country is 1.8 million litres and that it (NNPC) only supplies half the quantity while the other half is smuggled into the country.

He pointed out that this is done through the off-shore Lome and off-shore-Benin. Giving a breakdown of the loss, Labinjo pointed out that a 5,000 ton vessel laden with Automotive Gas Oil, AGO, costs N600 million.

He said half of the 1.8 million litres comes to down to 900,000 and if divided by 5,000 equal 108 (5,000). Should this be multiplied by N600 million, it comes down to N108 billion and a large chunk of this amount is lost daily through smuggling of the product, he said.

He advised that the smuggling of petroleum products through the off-shore Lome and off-shore-Benin must be stopped because of the effect on the nation’s economy.

This is outside the revenue that should have been collected by the various government agencies like the NPA, NIMASA, NCS etc should these ships have berthed at the nation’s ports.

He said that the sector is more than capable of providing the N2 trillion needed to fund the budget.

He said the economic crime against the nation is being committed by foreign vessels that ship in these product informing their countries that they are headed for Nigeria, only for them to stop on the high seas where these products are discharged into smaller vessels and moved into Nigeria.

He noted that 68 percent of these products get into the country unaccounted for and this costs the nation huge revenue losses in terms of capital flight, since the transaction is done in cash, (not captured in the economy), creation of employment for foreign countries, crew of each of the ships and negative effects of balance of trade.

He said that Nigeria presently has no control over about 200 vessels involved in this illegal trade outside the nation’s territorial waterways and that alone poses a security risk to the nation, especially with the security situation in the country presently.

The retired Navy officer, stressed that government must as a matter of urgency stop the smuggling of petroleum products into the country, as well as ensure that the Cabotage Law is enforced fully.


A 9-year-old girl, identified as Chinwedu Precious, was recently bathed in hot water by her employer to whom she was a house help at the Alagbado area of Lagos State.

According to P.M.News, the victim has been rushed to REM-YEMS Hospital, Alagbado where she is currently receiving treatment.

abuse1The employer, Mrs. Ifeoma Mbakwe, who resides at Idowu Street, Alagbado, was arrested by youths of the area who handed her over to the police after the said ‘dastardly act.’


Mbakwe, 26, an indigene of Anambra State, has been reportedly arraigned in an unnamed court.

abuse3An angry resident, who identified herself as Mrs. Joy Sunday, described the action of Mrs. Mbakwe as dastardly act of wickedness of the highest order.

“The action of Mrs. Mbakwe is a disgrace to us who are women. How can a mother do this kind of a thing to another woman’s child?” Mrs. Sunday queried, urging relevant authorities to make sure she is prosecuted to serve as a lesson to others.

Meanwhile, as at press time, the incident was yet to be confirmed by the police authorities.

A 28-year-old man, Okwuchukwu Ibekwe, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly selling his five-month-old son to a child trafficking syndicate in Anambra State for N400,000.

According to repor

igbo trader

ts, Ibekwe and his wife had on December 17, 2015, contacted one Chinelo, still at large, for the transaction.

Ibekwe, who lives on Shinaba Street, in the Iyana Iba area of the state, allegedly had some difficulties in his trade and decided with his wife to raise some money by selling the baby.

The syndicate, through a woman, identified only as Chinelo, who stayed in Ihiala, Anambra State, paid the Ibekwes N400, 000. Ibekwe was said to have received N250, 000 as the father of the child, while the mother received N150, 000.

Trouble reportedly started when Ibekwe had a quarrel with his wife after returning from his trip to Anambra where he sold his baby. It was gathered that when he refused to give the wife her share, she reported the matter to the police and absconded.

Ibekwe was subsequently arrested and detained at the Police Gender Unit, Ikeja, while police operatives also arrested Chinelo’s husband in Anambra State. The baby and Chinelo had yet to be found.

The Lagos State Commissioner of


Police, CP, Fatai Owoseni, while confirming the arrest and parading the suspect before newsmen on Wednesday, said the case was undergoing “intense investigation.”

Owoseni said, “The suspect is assisting the police with information to recover the baby.

“We are intensifying efforts to recover the baby,” the CP added.

While being paraded, Ibekwe said he collected N400,000 from Chinelo in exchange for his son with the full knowledge of his wife.

He said, “Chinelo was to give me N400, 000 for the baby. My wife was the one who suggested that we dispose of the baby to meet our business needs.

“But Chinelo gave me N250, 000 for the baby when I went to deliver him to her in Anambra State.

“When I returned, my wife and I quarrelled and she ran away for three days. I did not know that she went to report the matter to the police. She was concerned with her own share of N150, 000.

“I sell vehicle spare parts in Ladipo market.

“It was a lawyer who called me that my wife had reported me to the police, and that I should come and see her. When I went there, I was arrested.

“I do not know the whereabouts of my son. I did not know Chinelo would run away with my child,” Ibekwe added.