NCC hopeful on 30% broadband rollout before end of 2018

Broadband refers to telecommunication in which a wide band of frequencies is available to transmit information. Because a wide band of frequencies is available, information can be multiplexed and sent on many different frequencies or channels within the band concurrently, allowing more information to be transmitted in a given amount of time (much as more lanes on a highway allow more cars to travel on it at the same time

Meanwhile the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has expressed optimism on achieving the 30 per cent penetration in the country targeted by the National Broadband Plan.

Currently, experts say the country’s broadband penetration is largely driven by the availability and relative affordability of mobile phones while the fixed remains in limbo.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has put fixed broadband penetration in the country at a miserable 0.01 per cent, rubbishing the 21 per cent being celebrated in the country.

But the Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of NCC, Prof Garba Dambatta, said the target remained a focal point for the regulator.

He said: “Our target to achieve 30 per cent broadband rollout in the country by end of this year 2018 remains in focus.

” According to Dambatta, there is no doubt that ICT is pivotal to the growth and sustainability of macro-economic activities while stability and operational integrity as a growth vehicle are critical to success

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