Why Nigerians did not Needs Kachikwu

Ibe Kachikwu

Dr Ibe Kachikwu, who is not a member of any magic, therefore can he be relevance in the country that believe in liar even before told

With all things happening in Nigeria, check it, they all traced to liar and their by products are heading toward negative power supply which has dropped to the lowest in 12 months, fuel supply slugish downward, economy in bad shape couple with hardship in daily life.

Let Nigerians take their time to thank, the Minister of Petroleum, a junior minister, Dr Ibe Kachikwu for being honest enough to avail us with the truth: the fuel crisis may continue unabated, even after May 2016.

The country call Nigeria need honest person like Kachikwu to tell the truth especially knowing how long we may stay to solve  a certain problem. Nigeria need people who knows they are no magicians; and are honest enough to publicly declare it with plans to solve the problem in both short and long terms.

When media dear Mr. President about power level droped below, the anwser was by 2019  instead of,  plan within this year problem alone but to do his worse, he said 3years compare to 2months of Kachikwu! No body complain including Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Going by his name Asiwaju, he has to lead APC team to call Kachikwu’s recklessness statement but that of information minister Lai Muhammed and Mr President was in order.

Perhaps, somebody should also ask Tinubu what he did not know in energy business, Kachikwu knew. The explanation to that would be, Tinubu is an ‘Investor’ in the sector through Oando; while Kachikwu is expert in the sector like a ‘General Manager’. A good General Manager like Kachikwu can always seek for and get new jobs elsewhere should APC failed to honour him. The pains of a failed project(government) belongs, solely to the Investor (APC).

Asiwaju should have know that Kachikwu was some where when Tinubu led the company of Buhari’s campaign across the length and breadth of the country, soliciting for votes,  shouting Change, Change,  Change.

Managing director, NNPC, was somewhere when Tinubu and Buhari were dancing to “Doro Bucchi” with Calabar or imported brooms at the National Stadium,  Surulere Lagos?

Let me remind Asiwaju once again that Dr Kachikwu was working confortablely, when the sea of heads,  wielding local and imported brooms,  shouting “Say Baba!”,  “say Baba!”,  in Kano.

Unleast I forget no amount of Armour Personnel Carriers (APC) brought into fuel supply without follow due process will failed in very short time. The due process is the law of nature involves in investors, payment, credit suppliers accounts, loading, journey from importing ports to Nigeria and discharging by allocations to various demands, takes time, hours, days, perphaps months for fuel supply which is devoid magic.

Tinubu knows something Kachikwu did not, as a politician tell liar and as an investor in fuel sector needs profits taken quickly within four years, can see Kachikwu as a man who is trying to spoiled the busines channel.

The worst thing case, is the Kachikwu’s apology and went back to the drawing board with a liar team to ends fuel scarcity by April 7th is a blunder of the highest order.

The biggest idiots in the Maritime Industry including supply of fuel into the country knews that, except Kachikwu becomes a magician that can command the fuel supply into this country instantly to end crisis which cannot be possible before Armageddon date even beyond.

But don’t pray only for Kachikwu but remember the statement of former minister of petroleum, Tam David West who said cabar in oil industry was so powerful than president.

Why Nigerians voted in Buhari for, it was to enable the APC rule and make the desired change call for as possible as he should be. Today, over 50 percent of “PDP” deserters have successfully integrated themselves into APC, either to avoid the APC led president  not to use EFCC or DSS onslaught, or to find relevance in the present government, like what is currently happening all over the country.

Is APC telling nigerians that the ground is running now? What is happening, was this what the Electorate craved for? Would an imperfect blend of APC and PDP meet the true yearnings of the masses?


Hear are some comments by notable Nigeria:  The Presidency yesterday rose in stout defence of Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu who at the weekend came under scathing criticism by the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu over comments relating to the current fuel scarcity across the federation.

Kachikwu, who is also the Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), was reported to have said that he could not perform magic in solving the problem of fuel scarcity , a statement Tinubu considered insensitive and insulting to the sensibilities of Nigerians.

But the Presidency yesterday rose in defence of Kachikwu , saying the minister was speaking the truth when he said that Nigerians would have to wait till May for the scarcity to go away.

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina on Channels Television programme: “Sunday Politics,” yesterday said the minister should not be crucified for telling Nigerians the truth.

He pointed out that Nigerians were unhappy with the statement credited to the minister because they wanted him to perform magic which would make the commodity readily available in two weeks.

Adesina, however, stressed that the truth which Nigerians should accept was that it would take weeks before the scarcity would go away.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions, Uzoma Nkem- Abonta has upbraided Tinubu for his criticism of Kachikwu over the handling of the energy crises in the polity.

In an interview with The Guardian, Nkem -Abonta wondered why Tinubu chose to meddle in the affairs of the Petroleum Minister with a presidential mandate to fix the problem in the sector.
The lawmaker who represents Ukwa East/West Federal Constituency of Abia State enjoined Tinubu not to reduce a sensitive issue relating to the management of the petroleum sector into an APC affair

A member of the APC’s Board of Trustees (BOT) from the South West, Jamiu Afolabi Ekungba told The Guardian yesterday that the chastisement “shows that we are operating a progressive democratic government where what is important to everybody is that whatever any of the segments of government is doing is beneficial to everybody. It also shows that the APC is not a cult where things are done in secret while the country, like it was under the previous government, was being destroyed.”

Also reacting, former governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, said: “From my understanding, Tinubu is a leader in the party and by that, he has every right to speak out if he discovered anything that may likely erode the credibility of the party before the electorate.”

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