Nokia Expands Fixed Wireless Access FastMile Portfolio to Deliver More Bandwidth to People

Nokia is introducing new Fixed Wireless Access products to help operators accelerate ultra-broadband deployments and deliver more bandwidth to people sooner. The enhanced portfolio includes new FastMile high-gain outdoor receivers and indoor gateways that are easy to install and significantly enhance the ultra-broadband experience for customers.


Mobile operators invested in 4G to bring broadband speeds to mobile networks. Now they are poised to improve performance significantly through their investment in 5G. In both cases, mobile operators have an opportunity to capture new revenue streams from the delivery of ultra-broadband services to customers using Fixed Wireless Access technologies.


With 4G networks, peak residential broadband speeds of several hundred megabits per second are possible – but not always achievable. Nokia FastMile will drive these speeds to wider areas with very-high-gain outdoor receivers that improve spectral efficiency by 4-5x versus using indoor antennas. The results are higher speeds for the user, more consistent performance at the cell edge and lower radio access network (RAN) costs for the operator.

These new receivers can be equipped with Automatic Beam Alignment to help establish an optimal connection to cell sites. Nokia’s FastMile smartphone application provides operators and customers with a guided set of instructions that help simplify installation.


Nokia is also introducing a set of powerful indoor gateways, available in the first half of 2019, that come with high-gain antennas and 4×4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) to deliver superior performance. These fully self-contained residential gateways will include options for plain old telephone service (POTS) and Ethernet ports. With high gain outdoor and indoor models, operators can quickly add FWA to their portfolio with minimal upfront costs. With the evolution to 5G, operators will be able to deliver gigabit peak speeds.

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