NSE Partners Kinabuti Fashion Initiative to promote financial literacy, entrepreneurship amongst youths

As part of its contribution towards building a financially savvy generation, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“NSE” or “Exchange”) is partnering with Kinabuti, to empower young people with entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy leveraging its Dare To Dream initiative across university campuses in Nigeria.

The partnership will see NSE engage with about 25,000 undergraduates  expected to be reached during the 2018 edition of the Dare to Dream activation by giving them a financial literacy talk, educating them about the various offerings available in the capital market and conducting trivia quiz to test understanding of the learning from the various talks. A stock broker will be on ground to assist interested youths who want to open a brokerage account and begin to invest for the future.

Also, the state champions of the programme that will proceed to the boot camp will have the opportunity of visiting the Nigerian bourse and have an experience of the trading floor as well as meet with brokers to better understand how trading is done. NSE officials will further participate in the programme by featuring as judges in selecting the winners of the Dare to Dream project at the grand finale.

Prior to NSE’s participation in the Dare2dream project, the platform empowers Nigerian youths by developing talents and skills in fashion and entertainment related industries. With this sponsorship, the participants will have an opportunity to learn more about finance and enhance the potential for participation and job opportunities in the capital market. 

Speaking on the initiative, Olumide Orojimi, Head, Corporate Communications stated, “Only a highly financially literate population can take advantage of suitable financial products and services to achieve sustainable financial well-being. This partnership complements our various financial literacy programmes aimed at building a highly financial literate population that is competent to, or confident in choosing and utilizing financial products and services to raise their welfare. With about 65% of the Nigerian population as youths, we have carefully chosen this partnership to help raise the financial literacy level of our future leaders”

Also commenting, Francesca Rosset Co-Founder of Kinabuti the producer of Dare2Dream said, “We are excited to welcome NSE on board season 5 of the Dare2Dream initiative. The partnership is key to promote financial literacy amongst the youths, an essential for building an inclusive economy in Nigeria. In addition to the great learnings we have in store for the youths, their being able to better understand the capital market and investment from NSE will play a huge role in preparing them for their future”.

About The Dare2Dream

The Dare2Dream initiative, now in its 5th year, is a programme through which Kinabuti empowers young people looking to start careers in the creative arts space, specifically, models, dancers, musicians and presenters. Delivered in the form of a reality show, it comes in three phases starting with campus activations to create awareness and select the top creative minds; thereafter, a boot camp is held to provide essential training for the participants and to trim down their number by way of eliminations; lastly, a grand finale event is held to showcase the identified talents and to announce winners.


About THE NSE  

The Nigerian Stock Exchange, a company limited by guarantee, services the largest economy in Africa and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets. The Exchange offers listing and trading services, licensing services, market data solutions, ancillary technology services, and more. The Nigerian Stock Exchange continues to evolve to meet the needs of its valued customers, and to achieve the highest level of competitiveness. It is an open, professional and vibrant exchange, and the Entrepreneurial Growth hub of Africa. The Nigerian Stock Exchange aspires to be Africa’s foremost securities exchange, connecting Nigeria, with the rest of Africa and the world.

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